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FY18 Chinese Aerospace Tariffs

April 2018
Are Chinese retaliatory tariffs more bark than bite?

FY18 The Trump Defense Budget

February 2018
And How It Compares To The Last Obama Budget

FY17 Most Interesting Transactions

January 2018
Mergers and Acquisitions In Aerospace, Defense, and Government Services

FY18 Budget Update

November 2017
What Congress added to President Trump’s First Budget: A review of the FY18 National Defense Authorization Act

Aerospace, Defence & Government Services

May 2017
Long-Term Sector Valuation Trends and Company Performance

Mergers and Acquisitions

March 2017
Additive Manufacturing in Aerospace & Defense

Mergers and Acquisitions

January 2017
2016’s Most Interesting Transactions In Aerospace, Defense, & Government Services

The Trump Administration

November 2016
Market Reaction, Stated Policies and Initial Implications

Federal Budget Data

October 2016
U.S. Budgetary And Economic Trends

U.S. Air Strike Missions In The Middle East

June 2016
Quantitative Difference of Today’s Air Campaigns in Context and the Impact of Competing Priorities

Commercial Aerospace Sector

April 2016
Historical Data Snapshot of Revenue and Margin

Aerospace, Defense & Government Services

March 2016
2015 Notable Transactions

2016 The FY17 DOD President's Budget Request2016 The FY17 DOD President’s Budget Request

February 2016
Gaps Between The Comments And The Caps.

speednews-toulouse-smallNew Planes, New Materials(?), New Supply Chain(?)

November 2015
Implications Of Next Generation Aircraft Designs

2015-Military-Strategy2015 National Military Strategy

September 2015
What The DOD‘s New Strategy Tells Industry, What It Doesn’t, And How This Guidance Might Evolve.

Fairchild Controls - A Closer Look Report CoverFairchild Controls – A Closer Look

March 2015
Airbus Defense and Space Plans to divest its U.S. Military and commercial aircraft products and services business unit.

Airbus Divestiture of Vizada Report CoverAirbus’ Divestiture Of Vizada

March 2015
Airbus Group announced plans to implement a leaner and more focused strategy for their recently renamed Airbus Defense and Space division.

Satellite Export Control Reform Report CoverSatellite Export Control Reform

March 2015
U.S. Department of State and the U.S. Department of Commerce finalized the coordinated implementation of export control reforms

Available Reports

November 2014 | Commercialization: Separating The Signal From The Noise

November 2014 | The Top 25 M&A Transactions Q1-Q3 2014

October 2014 | Overview Of Airbus Planned Divestitures

March 14 | Indian Defense Market Overview

February 2014 | Top 10 Most Interesting Aerospace, Defense & Government Services Deals Of Q4 2013

January 2014 | So, You Didn’t Win A FAA UAS Test Site…

September 2013 | The DOD Budget And Military Aviation – Drivers, Outlook And Implications For Industry

August 2013 | Commercial Aerospace Manufacturing Moves into Southeastern Region of the U.S.

February 2013 | Independent R&D: “How Much Is Enough?” You’re Asking The Wrong Question

Fairmont Update
2014: Q1, Q2
2013: Jan-Feb, Mar-Apr, May-Jun, Jul-Aug, Q4

December 2012 | Due Diligence: Aerospace & Defense

November 2012 | Commercial Aerospace OEM Long-Term Forecasts & Strategic Implications


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