Acquisition Target Due Diligence

Fairmont provides a detailed analysis of target company strengths, weaknesses, risks, opportunities and outlook. Thoughtful, incisive diligence mitigates the risk of sub-par performance post-acquisition and helps to frame valuation and terms for acquisition.

Acquisition Screen

An acquisition screen provides identification and assessment of potential acquisition targets serving a pre-defined market objective. This rapid identification of the range of feasible targets and independent review ensures the best alignment of available opportunities with strategic objectives.

Acquisition Target Sourcing

Using our extensive network and comprehensive market knowledge, Fairmont can, in select cases, facilitate buyer interaction with a target, leading to a sale. Proactive (vs. reactive) access to proprietary (non-auction) acquisitions at favorable valuations and terms can create significant value for our clients.

Sell-Side Advisory Support

Leveraging extensive buy-side experience, Fairmont can work alongside banking advisers to evaluate a seller’s served markets and competitive positioning, clarifying their performance and outlook for potential buyers. This is frequently of interest where companies serve both aerospace and defense customers, making a clear, cogent presentation of their market footprint both more important and more challenging. Fairmont provides assistance with development of CIMs and management preparations, in collaboration with management and bankers. By providing independent perspective and fair critique during the preparation stages, our support helps to ensure an effective process and desired valuation.

Representative Experience Includes

Fairmont Principals have played leading roles in over 60 transactions

Advised on the acquisition of a commercial aviation aerostructure’s roll-up with six distinct operating units serving a range of aircraft OEMs and Tier 1 / Tier 2 customers

Advised on the potential acquisition of an international military components design & manufacturing unit being spun out of a defense prime

Developed a targeted acquisition screen for a hybrid defense / commercial satellite communications company, mapping core capabilities and strategic objectives against an international universe of candidates

Advised on the acquisition of a rapidly growing cybersecurity business serving a mix of intel, defense, and federal civil customers

Some experiences based upon work performed by Jay Wynn or Ben Harper prior to establishing Fairmont Consulting Group.