Zach Shore - Senior Associate

Prior to joining Fairmont, Zachary was the Vice President of Operations for Magellan Jets – a provider of private aviation solutions. During his time at Magellan, Zachary was responsible for the sourcing of aircraft and mission execution. In this capacity, he re-organized two departments critical to product development and delivery, yielding not only improved customer retention, but also significant operational efficiencies and accelerated revenue growth.

Prior to running operations at Magellan Jets, Zachary was a strategy and operations Senior Consultant at Deloitte. While there, he developed custom solutions for clients in both the public and private sectors – including both the defense and automotive industries. Zachary was integral to the development and delivery of supply chain management, procurement, revenue growth, and product innovation solutions and strategies that enabled clients to more efficiently manage capital assets while still driving growth.

Zachary also served five years as a United States Marine Corps Intelligence Officer, deploying twice to Iraq and once to Afghanistan. While in Iraq, Zachary ran multiple intelligence cells and was responsible for targeting hostile entities in conjunction with conventional and special forces in and around Fallujah and then Ramadi. While deployed to Afghanistan, Zachary served as a Team Leader of an Embedded Border Police Transition Team where he partnered with local Afghan Border Police in securing portions of the Helmand river basin against Taliban forces.

Zachary received an MBA and a Masters in International Relations from Boston University and a BA in History from Franklin and Marshall College.