• Erin Parker

  • Senior Analyst
Boston, Ma 02109

Office: Washington, D.C.

Erin Parker

Erin joined Fairmont as a Senior Analyst in 2020. Prior to joining the firm, Erin was a Market and Business Analyst at the MITRE Corporation where she conducted market research and competitive landscape assessments in support of the organization’s growth strategy. Previously, she was a Strategic Planner at Northrop Grumman where she performed market, competitor, and budget analysis for a variety of federal, state & local, and international markets. Her responsibilities included managing the division’s Long Range Strategic Plan for the military health domain and creating a quarterly competitor analysis report. Through these roles, she gained extensive knowledge of the federal information technology and professional services industry.

Prior to becoming a Strategic Planner, Erin was as Business Management Analyst in Northrop Grumman’s Professional Development Program (PDP), a rotational program for recent college graduates to gain experience in multiple functional areas within business management. While in the program, Erin held procurement and financial analyst roles in Global Supply Chain and the Controller’s Office.

Erin received a Master of Arts in International Commerce and Policy from George Mason University in 2018. Her coursework involved economics, international business strategy, global trade policy, and U.S. export control regulations (ITAR, EAR). She also holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics with a double minor in General Business and Computer Technology & Applications from the University of Alabama.