• Tanvi Sawant

  • Senior Analyst
Boston, Ma 02109

Office: Boston, MA

Tanvi Sawant

Tanvi joined Fairmont as an Analyst in 2021. Tanvi comes to Fairmont after completing the three-year Edison Engineering Development Program at GE Aviation. For the past two years, Tanvi was the owner of the Gas Generator Turbine thermal system model on the T901 program. In this role, Tanvi successfully held internal and external critical design reviews through multiple engine design iterations, regularly collaborating with the US Army to make design decisions and meet Engineering and Manufacturing Development (EMD) program deliverables. She also completed a rotation in T901 Engine Performance, where she led a cross-functional team to quantify Measurement Uncertainty in the engine testing process for the Qualification phase of the T901 program. Prior to that, Tanvi worked for a year in the Aerothermal Technology Lab, advancing state-of-the-art turbine cooling technologies and thermal measurement techniques.

Tanvi holds a Master’s in Aerospace Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology, as well as a Bachelor’s in Aerospace Engineering from Purdue University with a minor in Economics. During her undergraduate experience, she also completed Purdue’s co-op program with 5 co-op rotations at GE Aviation and graduated Cum Laude. Tanvi has also received Green Belt certification in Six Sigma and holds her Private Pilot’s License.