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During 2017 Fairmont supported clients across a wide range of transactions, including many discussed in this report. That exposure gives us a perspective on M&A in aerospace, defense, and government services which we hope you will find interesting and useful as you contemplate the year ahead.

A Look into the Major Changes

In commercial aerospace, we observed increasing concern among buyers that the cycle was nearing a peak, coupled with parallel worries regarding pricing and margin pressures, particularly among OEM suppliers.

In the defense sector, we saw sustained, growing interest in C4ISR, cybersecurity, and unmanned systems, coupled with continuing rationalization of prime contractor and Tier 2 portfolios. The looming question now is how the Trump Administration will affect defense spending and priorities.

In government services, we watched government services become on the cusp of a significant shift as commercial tools and techniques are applied more quickly broadly to public sector challenges, reducing personnel requirements but providing far greater benefit to the citizen or the warfighter.

Download the report and receive the full refelction on 2016’s M&A transactions in Aerospace, Defense, and Government Services.

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