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    Fairmont Consulting Group provides comprehensive strategy consulting and analysis for private equity and corporate clients across the Government Services sector including IT and engineering services, contingency support, infrastructure services, test & evaluation, security, logistics, platform support, transportation, facilities services, R&D, medical services, and construction, addressing both Federal and related state/local markets.

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Executives and acquirers in the government services sector must consider a range of factors as they evaluate plans for growth and acquisition. With federal budget pressures increasing, the long-running debate regarding “inherently governmental functions” is once again being heard, as defense services and civil agencies consider the advantages and disadvantages of services outsourcing versus government insourcing. The federal mandate to support small and disadvantaged businesses through contractual quotas is also a growing factor in a market where government set-aside contracts offer both opportunity and threat.
A sampling of strategic issues for the years ahead include:
  • Where and to what degree will Lowest Price Technically Acceptable procurement persist, and how can government services firms avoid getting caught in the LPTA trap?
  • How will the Federal government’s movement to the cloud impact IT services provision more broadly? What new opportunities will emerge as cloud-enabled IT becomes a more ubiquitous reality?
  • How can Federal service providers differentiate themselves amid a highly competitive marketplace? What capabilities, processes, and technologies can create leverage that will help distinguish firms?
  • Private equity success in the Federal/Defense services market has waxed and waned over the past decade – what does the future hold for PE investors in government services, and what sub-sectors and customers offer the best opportunities for good returns?
  • How can companies most effectively cross the chasm from small/disadvantaged business status to the broader realm of full and open competition? And what can investors do to mitigate risks associated with acquisition of SB/SDB businesses?
  • Portfolio restructuring among the largest firms in government services is a logical response to evolving market and competitive conditions – what changes should we anticipate as players seek to both divest and acquire to gain stronger market positions?
Fairmont has supported a wide range of engagements across the Government sector, including:
  • manufacturer-icon

    Diligence of a Tier 2 federal information technology services player focused on defense and intelligence clientele

  • strategic-assessment-icon

    Strategy consulting and planning support for a Tier 2 defense services player with a diversified portfolio of activities across aviation, naval, and electronic systems

  • aftermarket-services-icon

    Diligence of a global security services firm focused on support for the Department of Defense and the broader U.S. national security establishment

  • tactical-assessment-icon

    Diligence of a Tier 2 federal information technology services player focused on civil agency requirements for both mission and enterprise applications

  • strategic-assessment-competitive-icon

    Diligence of a specialized distribution services player offering unique technology-enabled capabilities to both government customers and Tier 1 defense industry players