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Fairmont provides buy-side commercial and operational due diligence to private equity sponsors and corporate clients who require objective, independent analysis of a target company’s market outlook, competitive positioning, and financial forecast. Our buy-side work culminates with an independent financial projection, built from the bottom-up and fully validated with logical, transparent, data-driven analysis and assertions. Fairmont also on occasion supports clients with sell-side commercial studies (aka “Vendor Due Diligence / VDD”) wherein we provide analysis of market and competitive dynamics within the industry (such as defense mergers and aerospace mergers) that allow potential acquirers to move more quickly and with greater confidence than would otherwise be possible.

Representative Experience Includes
  • Global Defense and Aerospace Tech

    Buy-side diligence of a multi-billion-dollar diversified global aerospace and defense technology company for a diversified global private equity sponsor

  • Global Aerospace Propulsion Systems Provider

    Buy-side diligence of a multi-billion-dollar global aerospace propulsion systems provider for a diversified global financial sponsor

  • Defense Technology

    Buy-side diligence of a billion-dollar carve-out of a defense technology organization from a global, diversified aerospace and defense prime contractor

  • North American Metals

    Buy-side diligence of the leading North American provider of aviation and aerospace metals finishing for an industry-focused private equity client

  • Sell Side Support

    Sell-side support for the sale of a major US/European provider of aerospace engine components for an industry-focused private equity client

  • US Provider

    Buy-side diligence of a leading US provider of military aviation-focused aftermarket support services for a diversified private equity sponsor

  • North American Private Equity

    Buy-side diligence of a specialized North American provider of aftermarket support services for the business aviation sector for a middle-market private equity firm

  • IT

    Buy-side diligence of a diversified Federal/state/local IT and engineering services firm for a middle-market private equity firm

  • Engineering

    Buy-side diligence of a large, diversified engineering and infrastructure services firm for a diversified private equity sponsor

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    Acquisition Target Due Diligence
    Fairmont Consulting provides a detailed analysis of target company strengths, weaknesses, risks, opportunities and outlook. Thoughtful, incisive diligence mitigates the risk of sub-par performance during M&A, and post-acquisition and helps to frame valuation and terms for acquisition of a business.

  • acquisition-screen-icon

    Acquisition Screen
    An acquisition screen provides identification and assessment of potential acquisition targets serving a pre-defined market objective. This rapid identification of the range of feasible targets and independent review ensures the best alignment of available opportunities with strategic objectives.


Fairmont’s buy-side commercial due diligence process has been refined through more than 400 engagements ranging from small $10M tuck-in deals to multi-billion dollar take-private transactions for global players. Our buy-side work has addressed every segment and sub-segment of the aerospace, defense, and government services sectors, with a principal focus on target companies in the United States, North America, the United Kingdom, and Western Europe. We put our vast professional network to use recruiting advisors on a bespoke basis for every engagement, ensuring that our clients benefit not only from our rigorous, proven diligence methodology but also deep, well-informed perspectives from industry experts with decades of experience. Fairmont’s independent diligence analysis enables our clients to make well-informed investment decisions with clarity and confidence.

Sell-Side Due Diligence Support

Fairmont’s Vendor Due Diligence reports help management teams identify areas of risk or opportunity in advance of a process launch, reinforce the company’s position as bidders make their evaluations, and ultimately enable a smoother and more confident process. In addition, Fairmont’s extensive buy-side experience can be put to work alongside banking advisers to evaluate a seller’s served markets and competitive positioning, clarifying their performance and outlook for potential buyers. This is frequently of interest where companies serve both aerospace and defense customers, making a clear, cogent presentation of their market footprint both more important and more challenging. Fairmont provides assistance with development of CIMs and management preparations, in collaboration with management and bankers. By providing independent perspective and fair critique during the preparation stages, our support helps to ensure an effective process and desired valuation.