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  • We Apply Deeply Rigorous, Data-intensive Analysis
    to Develop New and Unique Insights
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Analysis & Experience – Fairmont Consulting Group provides thoughtful data-driven analysis and insights borne of years of experience, helping clients within the government services, aerospace and defense industries make clear decisions quickly regarding where and how to deploy time, attention and capital to achieve their desired outcomes.


Fairmont’s assessment will evaluate a client’s constituent businesses and assess strengths, weaknesses, outlook, and relevance to overarching strategic objectives and market forces. Independent review enables senior management to make critical decisions to divest and/or invest, shaping their business portfolio to address an evolving market.

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    Actionable Strategy Support
    Fairmont can provide ongoing facilitation of and support for regular, periodic strategy consulting sessions. This effort establishes a disciplined, scheduled forum for strategic planning with emphasis on results-driven action. It helps to align senior executives with their management teams, and business operators with private equity owners as they work together to drive growth and create value.

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    Served Market Analysis
    This assessment will evaluate demand in served markets at the most discrete level feasible (sub-segment, platform, program, etc). The analysis establishes baseline demand expectations for a company’s core business. An independent perspective is useful in prioritizing business development pursuits and establishing a risk-adjusted sales forecast.


Fairmont’s analysis will evaluate the market presence, strengths, and weaknesses of key competitors by segment and sub-segment. Independent perspective on the competitive environment enables better decision-making to counter threats posed by competitors in core business areas.

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    Independent IR&D Assessment
    Fairmont Consulting can evaluate internal research and development plans to optimize a firm’s investment strategy. The analysis validates IR&D projects against external market demands and proposes adjustments to the investment portfolio to maximize return. This often allows IR&D spending to be reduced while focusing spend on areas with best potential for risk-adjusted return, driving higher long-term sales and stronger strategic positioning.

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    Independent Customer Evaluation
    Fairmont's strategy consulting services can assist clients by interviewing key customers to assess perception of quality, schedule, technical capability, management and value. Independent validation of customer perceptions helps to define areas for resource allocation and new opportunities.

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    Independent Forecast Assessment
    Fairmont can provide an independent evaluation of a forecast by customer, program and platform. This yields a risk-bounded range of expected performance. An independent assessment avoids internal bias, and provides a more reliable guide to expected performance.

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    Strategic Roadmap Development
    Leveraging independent strategic analysis, a collaborative exploration of possible growth opportunities, and a proprietary tool for business scenario planning, Fairmont Consulting Group can assist in the development of a robust strategic roadmap. An iterative, transparent process aligns an organization on the decisions to be made, and Fairmont's independent perspective ensures objective outcomes.


Fairmont can define appropriate, attractive, addressable adjacent markets and actions to gain share (via organic growth or acquisition in business). Our outside perspective provides a broader sense of non-core market opportunities and the means to address them.

Representative Experience Includes

Fairmont Principals have played leading roles in over 100 strategy engagements.

Advised a multi-billion dollar global technology company with exposure to defense, commercial aviation, and communications, evaluating the performance of the firm’s diverse business units and developing a portfolio management strategy to drive accelerated value creation.

Competitive pricing analysis for large Tier 2 commercial and defense aerospace component supplier.

Facilitated strategy forum with a management team and private equity owner to refine business development tactics, leading to a significant increase in share of spending at key customers.

We encourage you to reach out to Fairmont so we can discuss our prior experiences most similar to your requirements and domains.